Bank Better, Live Better

here’s what banking better in 2018 means for you

Switch your salary and debit orders, bank on our app, and become a part of the movement to bank and live better in 2018.

Change how you bank right now and start making a difference in your life.

You’ll earn more interest

Capitec clients earned more than R2bn in interest last year.

  • We pay from 4.75% interest on every rand in your transaction or savings account
  • You could earn more interest than you pay in bank fees, which means you could bank for free
  • You get 4 additional savings plans which you can fix to earn up to 8.55% interest

You’ll save time

Over 1.5 million people use our app to manage their money every month.

So why waste time standing in queues?

  • Always know what your balance is, anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Make payments, buy prepaid and email stamped statements
  • Make instant payments to your DStv account 
  • Manage all your Capitec accounts from your phone

You’ll save money

More than 5 million clients pay R50 or less in bank fees per month at Capitec.

  • Free access to our app, and you don’t pay for the data you use when banking on it
  • A low monthly admin fee of only R5.80
  • R0 – App access, transfers, prepaid purchases and card payments
  • R1.60 – Transfer to other accounts on cellphone or Internet
  • R3.73 – Debit order
  • R6.56 – Cash at Capitec ATM

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