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our 2019 fees

We update our bank fees on 1 March every year. Here are the most important fees you need to know about to make 2019 the year you bank better.

We're leading the way in making digital banking more affordable by lowering our digital ​​bank fees in 2019​. This means our clients can bank on our app, Internet banking and cellphone banking for less – anywhere, 24/7.

Monthly admin fee

For a monthly admin fee of R5 (down from R5.80), you get access to our ​Global One solution – offering you a main savings account, 4 free savings plans, cellphone banking (our app and *120*3279#) and Internet Banking. 

Affordable immediate payments

For only R8 (down from R10) you can make an immediate payment to another bank on our app or Internet banking. The money is available in the other bank account immediately – making it a smarter way to pay people and make large payments without the risk of carrying cash.

Reduced electronic payments

Forget about ATM queues. Simply pay people and accounts on our app or Internet banking for only
R1 (down from R1.60) per transaction.

ATM Fees

We know that cash is a necessity for most South Africans, You'll pay R6 per R1 000 at a Capitec ATM and R8 per R1 000 at another bank's ATM. And don’t forget, for a fee of just R1 you can draw cash at selected supermarket tills. 


  • Pay with your card and shop online worldwide 
  • Transfer money between your Capitec accounts 
  • Access your accounts on our banking app and Internet banking 
  • Email your statements from our app or Internet banking


  • Cash withdrawal at tills
  • Payments or transfer on our app or Internet banking


  • Debit order


  • Debit card monthly admin fee


  • Payment or transfer in branch 

R6 per R1 000

  • Cash withdrawal at a Capitec ATM

R8 per R1 000

  • Cash withdrawal at any other ATM (over 30 000) in South Africa


  • Immediate payment on our app and Internet banking 

How can you save time and money?

Use the best way to bank to: 

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