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siya bunny’s top holiday hotspots

Social media influencer and entrepreneur Siyanda “Siya Bunny” Dzenga is on the pulse of what’s hot and happening around South Africa. She suggests must-visit restaurants and attractions in Cape Town, Joburg and KZN this December, and shares some credit-savvy tips to keep in mind along the way.

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Coast through Cape Town

Having lived in Cape Town for 6 years, Siya Bunny knows exactly where to explore, eat and unwind in the Mother City.

She shares her top three activities:

  • Visit the Cape Winelands. Take a tour through Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch to taste a wide range of wines and see why South African vino is globally recognised
  • Meet the African penguins at Boulders Beach in Simonstown
  • “Cape Town is so picturesque,” says Siya. “Even though I’ve lived there, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to hop on a red bus and go sightseeing.”

When it comes to wining and dining in the fairest Cape, there’s no shortage of options. Top of Siya’s list are:

  • Eating brunch at Mulberry & Prince. “The weekend brunch menu offers unique flavour-filled dishes you won’t find anywhere else.”
  • Having lunch at Salsify at the Roundhouse in Camps Bay, especially if you’re into scenic vibes while enjoying a meal
  • Sundowners at The Bungalow in Clifton or Chinchilla in Camps Bay
  • Dining at La Colombe. “It’s been voted the best restaurant in SA for at least 5 years, and it truly doesn’t fall short in delivering a memorable culinary experience,” says Siya

Jol in Joburg

Looking to party, soak up some culture or dine with a view? Joburg has what you’re looking for. Siya’s top three Jozi activities:

  • “Joburg has a great nightlife; the music and vibe are unmatched,” says Siya. “Whether you’re partying in Sandton or Soweto, if you want to catch a sense of what people are listening and dancing to, you can’t miss a night out in Joburg.”
  • Looking for a touch of sophistication? Try Joburg’s renowned jazz clubs or art galleries
  • Seeking a scenic brunch? “Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff overlooks the city in all its lush green glory,” says Siya 

Get meaty in KZN

For Siya, one of the best parts of visiting KZN is spending time soaking up the sun on one of the province’s blissful Indian Ocean beaches.

She also highly recommends embracing your inner carnivore while there. “KZN has so many popular shisa nyama restaurants, which also offer a great opportunity to mix with the locals. They’re a definite must!”

Credit caution

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of being on holiday; your credit record is always there to track your money management habits. Siya suggests following these important money lessons:

  • Don’t max out your credit card
  • Never skip a payment. And if you have additional funds available, transfer it to your credit card to save on interest
  • If you can repay the full transaction amount on your next payment date, choose the straight option when performing the transaction.
  • If you want to make sure to repay the transaction over a short time period and save on interest, choose a short term budget option (3 or 4 months) when making the transaction.

Protect your card

Siya shares some credit card safety tips that are important whether you’re on holiday or not:

  • If you can, use the scan to pay facility. It makes paying more secure and contactless
  • Never leave your card lying around
  • Don’t let the card out of your sight. When paying at a restaurant, the machine must come to you. In fact, the waiter shouldn’t even touch your card
  • Always check that the amount on the point of sale machine matches the receipt

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