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Bank Costs Calculator

How much are you spending on bank costs every month? Use our calculator to work out how much you're spending and what you could be saving with a Capitec Bank account.

Ever get the feeling that you're not sure where your money goes?

If you take a good, hard look at your bank statements you may just find that a lot of what you thought you hadn't spent is going on all those bank fees.

Bank fees are never going to go away, and if you know what you get and know what you pay, you’ll be in a better position to draw up an accurate budget.

Use our bank costs calculator to determine how much you could be saving by ​​​switching to Capitec Bank​​​.

bank costs calculator

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do you have lazy money?

While most people work hard for their money, their money isn’t working for them. Right now, there’s R295 billion in lazy money in South Africa. Money that’s simply sitting in transactional accounts earning no interest. If that money earned just 4.75% interest, it would put over R14 billion extra into the pockets of South Africans each year.

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