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    bank better, live better

    bank better and save

    Save time and money by switching your salary and debit orders. Do it online or visit a Capitec branch where a consultant will assist you.

    Bank better and save

    Switch your salary

    • Visit your nearest branch with your ID document to open a Global One facility 
    • Give your new account details to your employer to deposit your salary with Capitec 

    Switch your debit orders 

    Unfortunately, there are some debit orders that we cannot switch for you. To switch these debit orders, you must contact the service provider or company. We'll let you know which ones.

    Get our app

    Once you've opened your Capitec account, use our app to do all your banking, anywhere 24/7. It’s free to download and use. Simply visit a branch with your cellphone and Capitec card to register.

    Join over 5 million clients who pay R50 or less in bank fees per month:

    • Pay zero data costs to use our banking app 
    • Use our app to keep track of your debit orders and dispute unauthorised debit orders 
    • Pay people and accounts on our app 
    • Be safe – stop your card on our app if it gets lost or stolen

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