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    bank better, live better

    career building advice

    What can you learn from Leon Schuster, Reuben Riffel or Lali Dangazele when it comes to building your career? These successful South Africans share their personal career-building tips.

    “I believe your money has to work for you, because you work for your money.” – Leon Schuster

    Leon Schuster – Filmmaker

    Know the difference between a job and a career

    “A job is not necessarily a career,” says Leon. “I started out as a teacher, but I soon realised that it wasn’t the career for me.” Leaving teaching led to a bigger career; Leon passed a voice test at the SABC and became a radio broadcaster. To find out if you’re in the right career, click here.

    Don’t be too scared to take a risk.

    After several years in the media industry, Leon knew it was time to move on. “Resigning from my job at the SABC and going freelance was a decision that definitely shaped my career,” he says. “It was hard at the beginning, but my freelance performances grew steadily. I recorded albums, traveled across the country and eventually made my first movie. Since then, 13 more movies followed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

    Save money wherever you can.

    “The best thing I bought to further my career was a motorcycle,” says Leon. “I saved thousands on fuel by not having to drive to work, and I could then use that money to buy a sound system that I used during concerts.”

    Buying property still is the best investment.

    “Save so that you can afford a loan to buy a property, even if it's small. Then rent out the place and save the rental income so that you can buy another property. And then, after a few years, you sell the first property for a profit. I believe your money has to work for you, because you work for your money.”

    Reuben Riffel – Celebrity chef and restaurateur

    Boost your money to boost your career.

    “Money gives you independence,” says Reuben, “and that independence builds confidence. It gives you opportunities you otherwise may not have had.” But remember: boosting your money isn’t just about getting a bonus or a higher salary. Something as simple as paying lower bank fees or setting up a savings account can make all the difference

    Stick to a plan – but don’t get stuck to it.

    “It's good to have a plan,” says Reuben, “but sometimes life works differently and you have to take a detour to get to where you want to be. Don't be too set in your ways.”

    Pay attention to people.

    Building a career is about more than just money. “Ask for advice from others when you’re not sure about something,” says Reuben. “Respect and look after the people who work with you and never step on anyone to achieve your goals.” That’s career advice money can’t buy.

    Lali Dangazele – Actress and entrepreneur

    Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the horizon.

    Achieving success takes time, hard work and the ability to adapt your approach. “To me, making the most of an opportunity is a sign of true success,” says Lali

    Keep on learning.

    “It doesn’t have to be a formal education, but keep on reading, go to training courses and workshops, and visit the library.”

    Learn from your mistakes.

    “I've learned never to do a job without a contract, and to always state terms of payment. It holds your client accountable and helps you to plan your cash flow.”

    Save money to invest in your career.

    “Always put a portion of your salary away towards savings,” she says. “When I got my first real job, I was already in the habit of saving. So by the time I had to buy a car for my business, I had enough to buy it without needing a loan.” You’d be surprised at how quickly small savings add up, and knowing that there’s something to fall back on will allow you to focus on the really important stuff: growing your career.

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