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    explore the coast in southbroom

    We partnered with influencer Kim Slaffa to discover the natural beauty of Southbroom.

    Explore the coast in Southbroom

    Uncover some of the best getaway spots around 3 of our major cities with Capitec’s #LiveBetter Experiences. This week we’re in Southbroom, where we’ve planned the perfect weekend away. Resting between the Mbizane and Kaba rivers, this small village offers lush scenery and a tranquil breakaway from the city with its incredible 4-kilometre beachfront and the Frederika Nature Reserve’s 8 hectares of dune forest.

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    Friday – Arrive in Southbroom

    San Lameer

    accommodation – san lameer villa rentals

    Start your coastal getaway in tropical paradise on the banks of the Umhlangamkulu Lagoon at San Lameer’s self-catering Villa Rentals. Here you’ll find a number of Mediterranean-styled villas, ranging from a bachelor studio to a 5 bedroom luxury villa. The interior of these villas focuses on outdoor living and providing comfortable and open living spaces.

    T 039 313 0011 or visit their website.


    dinner – flavours restaurant

    Enjoy dinner at this quaint gem that boasts an explosion of international flavours. Influenced by her travels abroad, restaurateur Ingrid Formo offers a selection of dishes that fuses a range of different cultures and traditions. At Flavours, you’re in for a treat with the finest homemade and local ingredients such as their butter, olive oil and spice blends. There are also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. Book in advance to avoid missing out. 

    T 039 314 4370

    Saturday – Discover the town

    San Lameer

    breakfast – san lameer villa rentals

    Get yourself ready for a busy day with a full breakfast buffet. Enjoy the chic interior of the Lagoon Restaurant overlooking the crystal blue pool or the Country Club Halfway House. Appreciate the views of the Umhlangamkulu Lagoon from the deck before heading out. 

    T 039 313 0011 or visit their website.

    mpenjati nature reserve

    walk – walking trails in mpenjati nature reserve

    Revitalise your mind with a scenic walk through the Mpenjati Nature Reserve. Savour the beauty of KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast and enjoy the pristine beaches and rivers along the way. Take a short stroll between the high and low water mark or opt for the longer 9-kilometre walk to the Mbizane River. 

    T 039 313-0531


    lunch – trattoria la terrazza

    Indulge in contemporary Italian food in an upmarket restaurant overlooking the breathtaking Umkobi Estuary. Feast on delicious seafood dishes such as fresh west coast mussels or seared baby squid. Round off your meal with one of the top South African wines available, or enjoy some French champagne. 

    T 039 316 6162 or visit their website.

    Clearwater Trails

    mountain biking – clearwater trails

    Start your adventure just outside of Southbroom with a spectacular view of the Umtamvuna river gorge. Designed by Clearwater owner and manager, Jan Abbott, the mountain biking trails suit all levels of experience offering anything from gentle slopes to a more intense downhill trail. Challenge your stamina on the “Coffee-Bean Uphill” before finishing the trail at Clearwater cabins. If you don’t have your own, there are bikes available for hire.  

    T 083 561 8479 or visit their website.


    accommodation – nakai beach homestay

    Find peace and serenity at Nakai where you have the choice of staying in one of 4 luxurious suites. Whether you stay in the Amazon-inspired Amazonica or the rainforest themed Nusa, each suite features unique designs and dazzling artistic influence from designers Claude Venter, Grant Horak and Paulo Da Rosa. 

    T 039 313 0141 or visit their website.


    dinner – mariner's restaurant

    Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and sound of the waves at this casual, but fabulous setting right on the beachfront. Indulge in generous portions of well-prepared seafood including melt-in-the-mouth calamari or finger-licking prawns. Not in the mood for seafood? Try the fragrant lamb curry or choose from a variety of other tasty dishes. 

    T 039 313 0448

    Sunday – Say Goodbye


    breakfast – nakai beach homestay

    End your weekend with an amazing seaside view from Nakai’s wooden deck at the Gauguin Café and Juice Bar. Detox with a fresh juice or smoothie made with organically grown fruit or get ready for the long road with a full breakfast spread. Vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options are also available. 

    T 039 313 0141 or visit their website.

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