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    bank better, live better

    first steps to travelling the world

    Dreaming of a shopping spree in London, a camping adventure in the Amazon jungle or partying until dawn at the annual Rio carnival? You can make travelling the world a reality, but planning, saving and budgeting is key.

    First steps to travelling the world

    Many clinical studies show that taking a break does wonders for your health. A relaxing island holiday spent on the beach sipping cocktails will certainly help you unwind, while the thrill of an outdoor adventure will be sure to get your adrenaline pumping. But whichever category you fall into, just remember that travelling does have its challenges, and it helps to do research beforehand so you know what to expect

    Whether it’s a trip to New York to sight-see, an expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro or simply a camping holiday on the KwaZulu-Natal coast, it’s important to plan how much you want to spend on your trip. 

    Use our checklist to help determine your main travel goal for 2019 and draw up a realistic budget.

    What kind of trip do you have in mind? 

    • Overseas holiday 
    • Local South African escape 
    • I don’t mind, as long as it fits my budget

    Tip: Travelling abroad is generally more expensive than keeping it local, but that also depends on whether you want a luxury or no-frills experience. To save money, consider travelling during off-peak times (spring and autumn) which are generally cheaper in terms of flights and accommodation, both locally and internationally. 

    Spend some time comparing travel packages to make sure you get the most value for money. There are many online travel agencies like Travelstart where you can research the price differences between different airlines. Keep in mind that travel time, seat category, layovers and date of travel all influence the price of your air ticket. Capitec clients get R100 off domestic flights and R400 off international flights with Travelstart when they book and pay with their Capitec card. 

    Would you prefer a package deal or would you like to arrange your own trip? 

    • Package deal with guided tours 
    • Do my own thing

    Tip: It can be overwhelming arranging your own travel details. Package deals which include accommodation, airport transfers and guided tours are a good option for first-time travellers. Capitec clients have access to special, local and international discounted holiday packages through Travelstart, have a look at our dedicated travel page for more information. 

    If you are a more experienced traveller or are excited to plan your trip on your own, always make sure you compare individual prices to get the best deal. Also be aware of any offers that sound too good to be true – make sure you read the fine print and are aware of exactly what is and isn’t included. And don’t forget to budget for important expenses like visa costs and flight insurance. 

    If you pay for flights with your Capitec credit card, you qualify for free travel insurance. You also pay zero currency conversion fees when using your Capitec card to pay for card machine purchases worldwide wherever you see the Mastercard® logo.

    What is your travel budget? 

    • R2 000 – R5 000 
    • R5 000 – R10 000 
    • R10 000 – R15 000 
    • R15 000 – R20 000 
    • R20 000 +

    Tip: If you are on a tight budget, local holiday destinations and nearby African countries offer a range of incredible experiences. Local, low-cost airlines often offer great deals and self-catering options are generally cheaper than hotel accommodation. Staying in a local guesthouse often offers a more authentic experience, and you get to support smaller business owners. 

    If you have your heart set on a more lavish international experience, use one of your 4 free savings plans you get with your Global One facility to save towards your trip. Name your savings plan after your trip, e.g. “Bali Vacay” or “Thailand Adventure”, and set up a monthly stop order to help you save; you could earn from 5.1% – 9.25% interest.

    Your travel budget checklist 

    Start by listing all of your trip’s major expenses on a spreadsheet. Allocate an amount to each category based on the experience that takes priority for you, e.g. location, accommodation type or level of luxury. 

    Tip: Your flights and accommodation are generally your major expenses, so allocate the highest percentage of your overall budget to these categories:


    • Flights 
    • Car hire and fuel 
    • Taxi fare 
    • Bus, train, boat, ferry tickets


    • Hotel/Bed and Breakfast/Guesthouse/Self-catering/camping


    Experiences (e.g. day tours, safari, museum visits) 

    Visas (if applicable) 

    Insurance (if applicable) 

    Vaccinations (if applicable)

    Action your big goals 

    Setting realistic annual goals is a great way to help build the life and career you want. The more practical and informed your approach, the more likely you are to achieve your dreams. We’d like to help you reach one goal this year, we’ve created a 3-part series of handy checklists for 4 major financial goals. Whether you want to save for your education, a dream holiday or buy a car or home, we’ve got you covered.

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