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    bank better, live better

    learn online and give yourself the edge with education

    Educate24 offers affordable options to learn and develop skills online. As a Capitec client, you get a 50% discount on more than 85 online learning courses, from project management to customer service, which you can complete in your own time.

    Learn online and give yourself the edge

    If you want to improve your life or get better job opportunities, education is key. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This was true for Dineo Mosimanewapula, who changed her world by learning online.

    Dineo was unemployed and thought her CV was not good enough to compete with other jobseekers. Determined and hardworking, Dineo wanted to improve her skills as a data capturer. She had heard about Educate24 and how the online courses give you the opportunity to study anywhere at your own pace. As a Capitec client, she could also get a 50% discount on all Educate24 online courses, which meant her study costs would be halved. 

    Dineo decided to do a course in Business Information Systems. “I needed to give my CV more colour and do something that will add value and help me to find a job,” she says. 

    Straight after finishing the course, she applied for a position as a data capturer and got the job. Her focus on education made the difference between being unemployed and finding work.

    Why Educate24?

    Nawal du Toit, chief executive officer of Educate24, says all courses have been designed to take time, convenience and cost into account. Courses can be completed in the learner’s own time, on any device, and does not require a big time commitment.

    “It’s convenient, you can do it at your own pace and it really improves your skills,” Dineo says. “And the discount makes a huge difference. It saved me so much, it’s just great!”

    If you want to do some skills training, but are not sure what to study, Nawal suggests doing Educate24's free Personal Management for Success course. 

    “This will help you to identify your goals, and map out a plan to get there. You will be able to identify your passions, and then work out a way to turn them into a career.” 

    Educate24 offers courses from entry level to management, with prices starting at R799. Read more about Capitec’s Educate24 benefit.

    Important tips for online learning:

    • Create a timetable. Even though you can complete a course in your own time, you still should make time to study. A timetable helps you  to manage your study time.  Use a calendar to circle the days and hours when you want to study or use the reminder function on your phone so that you don’t forget  
    • Remove distractions.TV and social media can steal valuable study time. Put your phone away before you study and switch the TV off 
    • Schedule time for fun. Nobody can work and study all the time. Taking regular breaks can help you stay motivated

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