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    bank better, live better

    holiday travel tips

    Planning an overseas holiday or a local trip? Save time and money with these tips.

    Local travel

    • Pay zero data fees when you bank on our app. Stay in control of your money at all times, even when you don’t have data or a WiFi connection
    • Using your card is safer and more affordable than carrying large amounts of cash. Keeping money in your account for longer also means you could earn up to 5.1% interest on positive balances
    • Draw cash at a Boxer, Checkers, Shoprite, Checkers or Pick n Pay till for only R1,61 (Capitec ATM for R6.56 or another bank's ATM for R8.83)

    International travel

    • Pay for flights with your Capitec credit card and benefit from free travel insurance
    • Choose the currency of the country you're visiting to get the exchange rate of the day
    • Pay zero card and currency conversion fees when you use your card for international purchases, online shopping, accounts, fuel, and telephone or mail orders
    • Get cash from any ATM with the Mastercard® logo for R55.48
    • Use our app to manage your bank account. The app is linked to your phone, so you can use it by accessing a WiFi network or a local SIM from any country you're traveling in
    • Save data costs and buy a local SIM or switch your data roaming off and use trusted WiFi networks

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