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    bank better, live better

    how to protect your information on social media

    Oversharing on social media can make you an attractive target for cybercriminals. 


    Think before you share

    Social media makes sharing with family and friends easy and fun. However, both cybercriminals and future employers could be watching your social media activity. Thinking before you share anything will help protect your money, your career and the company you work for.

    Protect your money

    • Never share your account details by phone, email, on social media or on unauthorised, unsecured websites
    • Don’t share too much personal information

    Protect your career

    • Don’t publish sensitive and confidential information about your company or your job
    • Don’t discuss colleagues, competitors or suppliers in a negative light
    • Don’t post innapropriate content that could damage your or your company’s reputation

    Improve your privacy

    Control who can see your posts by enabling your privacy settings on all your social media profiles.

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