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    opening an account

    According to the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), we need an original identification document and an original proof of residential address document from you to open an account.

    We're an accountable institution in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Fica) and must comply with the Fica requirements.

    To open your account, we need the following 2 documents from you:

    • Original identification document
    • If you are liable to pay tax in a country other than South Africa we require your foreign tax number

    We will scan and keep a record of these for identification and verification purposes.

    Documents we accept

    Find out more about all the documents you need:  FICA documents info

    Some options will require a FICA Declaration form that you can get at any of our branches or download here: FICA Declaration form

    Important note on all documents

    • Certified copies of original documents are only accepted in the case of rental or lease agreements and marriage or birth certificates
    • Temporary identity documents or passports are not acceptable
    • A valid version of the document means that it must be current and unexpired
    • FICA requires that all client information be correct and up to date. It is therefore important that you notify us of any changes to your identity or residential address details. Visit your nearest branch with your identification document and original proof of residential address to update your details

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