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    bank better, live better

    our 2018 fees

    We update our bank fees on 1 March every year. Here are the most important fees for you to know to help you bank better in 2018.


    We released our updated fees on 1 March 2018 before the VAT increase from 14% to 15%. We will adjust our fees to incorporate the 1% VAT increase, effective 1 April 2018. 

    To ease the financial burden on our clients,  fees for electronic payments on our app, Internet banking and USSD will not increase, as we’ll carry the costs. All other fees will increase to exactly 15% VAT, and not a cent more.

    Even with the increase, app transaction fees are more than 50% lower than our branch fees. You also don't pay for the data you use while banking on our app, so it remains the best way to bank.

    Monthly admin fee 

    • R5.80
    • Includes 4 savings plans

    For free

    • Make card purchases and shop online worldwide 
    • Transfer money between your Capitec accounts 
    • Access your accounts on our banking app or Internet banking 
    • Create recurring payments (stop orders) on our app or Internet banking 
    • Email your statements from our app or Internet banking

    For R1.61

    • Cash withdrawal at tills

    For R3.73

    • Debit order

    For R5.35

    • Payment or transfer in branch 
    • Create or cancel a stop order in branch

    For R6.56

    • Cash withdrawal at a Capitec ATM

    For R8.83

    • Cash withdrawal at any of the over 30 000 ATMs in South Africa (only R2.27 more than at a Capitec ATM)

    How can you save time and money?

    Use  the best way to bank to: 

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