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    bank better, live better

    safe and hassle-free online shopping

    You’ve decided that busy malls and full parking lots aren’t for you. Good call! One way to beat the mall crush is to shop online.


    How do you get started shopping online? And what do you need to know? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

    1. Have a plan, set a budget and stick to it. Buy only what you need, and not just because something’s on sale
    2. Compare prices for similar items and buy the best priced one
    3. Store all your payment and billing information in one central, secure location with Capitec Bank Masterpass™, powered by Mastercard®. You can also use it with SnapScan codes and for purchases on Takealot
    4. Always make sure that you’re on a secure site. In the address bar at the top, look for https at the start of the address. If it says http, the site isn’t secure. For example, not
    5. Avoid using public Internet spaces and public computers to do Internet banking or online shopping
    6. Never share banking information such as your ID number, banking PINs, passwords or account numbers online in an email, by SMS, on social media, or by phone
    7. Don’t click on links in emails you weren’t expecting or from an unfamiliar email address

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