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    bank better, live better

    travel better with your capitec credit card

    Our credit card is your perfect travel partner, locally and abroad. Here are 5 ways it can help you bank better to live better.

    travel better with your credit card

    1. No conversion fees 

    Most credit cards charge a currency conversion fee for international purchases. Typically, you would pay 2.75 – 3% of the transaction amount in fees when converting currency. 

    At Capitec, our credit card doesn’t charge conversion fees – making your money go further. When travelling abroad, simply choose to pay in the local currency at the card machine. 

    2. Use one card 

    It can be a hassle remembering which cards to take with you and which ones to use. Fortunately, you can easily access your transactional or credit account with just one card. This makes transactions more convenient and secure.  

    Tip: Keep 3 days worth of spending money in your transactional account and the rest in one of the 4 free savings plans linked to your main Capitec account. This will prevent criminals from withdrawing the money in the savings plan if your PIN code is compromised or card stolen. Just use our app to transfer money into your transactional account as needed.

    3. Go interest free

    Need to travel but don’t have all the money you need yet? Our credit card offers you a 55-day interest-free period. Pay the outstanding balance when you get back home before the interest-free period ends. This way you pay zero interest.  

    Remember that the 55-day interest-free period starts on the day you receive your statement, and not on the date you make the purchase. 

    4. Zero card purchase fees

    Your Capitec credit card is powered by Mastercard® and therefore accepted at nearly 30 million locations internationally. Don’t worry about bank fees, because paying with your card is free. So you can save money and be safer, as you don’t need to carry cash. 

    5. Free travel insurance

    Book your international flights with our credit card and get free basic travel insurance. You will be covered for medical emergencies and related expenses for up to R10 million. A full benefit schedule, specifying the cover, will be supplied to you by travel insurance consultants. 

    Tip: You have the option of more comprehensive top-up cover with added benefits, such as trip cancellation, hijacking and wrongful detention, lost or stolen baggage and legal expenses. Click here to find out more.

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