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    credit tools

    Make the best credit decisions. Get an instant online estimate of how much you could qualify for or use our credit calculator to work out monthly repayments based on interest rate.

    We offer up to R250 000 personalised credit so our clients can get the cash they need to afford the things they really need. 

    Need to continue your studies, do renovations or put down a car deposit? Get an instant online estimate based on your credit profile, or use our credit calculator to see how much your monthly instalment could be, based on a specific interest rate.

    The calculator defaults to the minimum interest rate you could qualify for. Remember, these are estimates and there’s no guarantee that you will get this credit amount, interest rate or monthly instalment.

    Use of this online estimator and calculator is subject to our terms of use. Credit is subject to a credit application and full credit assessment in terms of the National Credit Act. The information on the credit calculator is subject to additional service and initiation fees. You can find the current service and initiation fees here. Fees are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.