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    bank better, live better

    savings calculator

    We all know that saving is important, but it's important to identify what you're saving for and how to reach your goals. Our savings calculator will get you started.

    Want to know how long you'll need to save for something, how much you'll earn just by saving or how much you need to save? No problem.

    Using our savings calculator is easy. Just choose your reason for saving and we'll guide you along the process.

    Savings plans

    transaction/savings account from Capitec Bank offers you access to 4 extra savings plans. You'll earn competitive interest on daily balances and be able to transact easily with lower, transparent bank costs.

    What are you waiting for?

    Use of this calculator is subject to our ​terms of use​. This calculator only provides for simplified scenarios which may differ from products available in branch. The information displayed on results pages does not constitute financial advice, is correct at the ​time of publication​ and is subject to change. The results displayed are further subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable savings account of Capitec Bank Limited and are not intended to amend or replace any provisions in any other document issued to you, or any agreement entered into, or to be entered into, with Capitec Bank Limited. All interest rates shown and used in calculations are nominal annual compounded monthly (NACM) rates, capitalised monthly in arrears.