About rescheduling and consolidation

If you're struggling to repay your loan or have too many, rescheduling or consolidation could help you take control of your finances again.

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If the number of loans you have is becoming difficult to manage, or you're in danger of not being able to make all your loan repayments, you can reschedule your loan or consolidate your loans if you have more than one.

What is the difference?



Rescheduling means extending your loan payment period, increasing the number of monthly repayments and in this way  decreasing your monthly repayment amount. Visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch and ask us about rescheduling your loan and whether you qualify.

This is a free service.

Remember: Even though you'll end up paying less per month and have more money to spend, you'll be paying more for the total loan amount because you will be paying more interest.



If you qualify, you can consolidate all your loans into one by taking credit of up to R250 000 over 84 months. You'll reduce the number of debit orders and/or manual payments you need to make, as well as your total monthly repayment, helping you stay in control of your money.

Tip: Before you consolidate, don’t just think about how much and for how long you’ll be paying. Look at all the costs involved when you take credit.


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