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    business services

    financially savvy employees

    Our financial life skills programme can save you money by helping your employees make better financial decisions, maintain a good credit record and take control of their money.

    Did you know: An employee with financial problems could cost your business up to 25 hours a month in lost productivity?

    Financial life skills programme

    We present the programme at your workplace free of charge. The programme aims to empower your employees by teaching them to set realistic financial goals, consider long-term saving strategies and understand how credit works and how it could negatively affect their lives.

    What's covered?

    The business benefits

    • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity: Employees with financial problems often take time off during work hours to go to the bank or attempt to sort out their finances. Bad credit management can also result in judgments and garnishee orders, which can affect your business
    • Employee commitment: Employees see this programme as an investment in their development which promotes commitment to the business