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payday just got easier

Save on your monthly salary payments while keeping your existing business account with our salary transfer facility

payday just got easier

Salary transfer facility

If you're looking for a staff payment solution that will save you money and make for happier employees, get in touch with us and we will schedule a presentation at your place of work.

The benefits

During registration, we'll open a Capitec Bank account for you so you can deposit money for your salary payments. After that, it's all pretty simple.

  • You can keep your existing business account
  • Free onsite training, no special software needed and web-based for convenience
  • Easy to use - simply sign in any time or place and pay your employees weekly or monthly when it suits you
  • Secure salary payments - you'll need to sign in using your username, password and token password (also needed to approve salary payments and prevent unauthorised payments). Token passwords are generated by your token and are more secure than SMS passwords as they can't be intercepted
  • Know what you get, know what you pay! Once you've paid for your token, your only other costs are your transaction fees
  • Low transaction fees - save money with every payment, which in turn reduces your monthly overheads
  • Earn higher interest

What you'll save

300 employeesCapitec BankOther bank (best)Other bank (worst)Savings
Monthly subscription (R)FREE5525655
Transaction fee (R)3002 4005 4902 100
Monthly saving (R)   2 155
Capitec Bank
Monthly subscription (R)FREE
Transaction fee (R)300
Monthly saving (R) 
Other bank (best)
Monthly subscription (R)55
Transaction fee (R)2 400
Monthly saving (R) 
Other bank (worst)
Monthly subscription (R)256
Transaction fee (R)5 490
Monthly saving (R) 
Monthly subscription (R)55
Transaction fee (R)2 100
Monthly saving (R)2 155

300 employees paid weekly = save R109 860 per year

300 employees paid monthly = save R25 860 per year

Rates and fees

There are no monthly subscription, call-out fees or hidden costs.

Access (R) 
Activation/Monthly subscriptionFREE
Security (R) 
Token on keyring100.00
Replacement token on keyring100.00
Salary Transfers (R) 
Capitec Bank account1.00
Other Bank account3.50
Interest Rate (%) 
Interest per year4.57
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