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    business services

    bank at work

    We know that your employees can’t get to the bank during working hours without taking time off work. That’s why we can visit you with our mobibank.

    We can offer your employees onsite banking services when it suits you using our mobibank.

    What is workplace banking?

    Finding time to get to the bank is always a point of frustration, but for some it’s near impossible. Tight deadlines, long working hours and lack of transport mean that your employees may even need to miss a day’s work to get all of their banking done, but not with our mobibank. Get in touch with our Employer Sales representatives to arrange a time.

    The benefits

    • Free of charge
    • Onsite at your workplace
    • You choose the time
    • Reduces employee absenteeism
    • Improves employee productivity

    What’s not to like, right?