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We know that employees who bank better, live better, and ultimately work better. That's why we offer comprehensive workplace banking solutions to improve your employees' overall financial health.

workplace banking

What is workplace banking?

Bad money management has a direct negative impact on the workforce. Employees under financial stress become less engaged and productive, which can lead to absenteeism and an increased risk of irresponsible behaviour.

Our Workplace Banking provides employers and employees with tools for better banking to help them deal with these challenges. Simply by bringing the bank to the place of work, your employees never have to leave work again to go and visit a branch.

We also provide a dedicated account manager to work with you, the employer, to assist your employees with their banking while supporting your payroll with the relevant changes, helping you and your employees to bank better.

The benefits

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduces employee absenteeism
  • Free of charge and onsite at your workplace

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The services

Bank Better Index

Our Bank Better Index provides you with insight into your employees' banking behaviour, including:

  • How much money they are spending on their banking
  • The amount of time they use to do banking
  • What their savings culture is
  • Any financial pressure they may be under

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Financial wellness

Through our advanced financial skills training that includes budgeting, saving and financial tips, we empower your employees to bank better, save smarter and better manage credit.

Learn more about how we can upskill your employees.

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