credit facility

Do you have an unplanned expense or would like to be prepared for emergency situations? Get a credit facility of up to R5 000 in minutes to take care of your needs.

credit facility

What is a credit facility?

  • Get up to R5 000 (depending on your affordability assessment)
  • The money is available immediately so you can do card payments or get cash at supermarket tills and ATMs
  • It's easy to use – transfer money to your transaction/savings account using your cellphone or Internet banking (Remote Banking) and our ATMs
  • Must be paid back in full each month
  • Reviewed at a branch every 9 months for your convenience

Download our full credit flyer here

Credit facility rates and fees

  • Initiation fee: R172.5 for the first R1 000 transfer up to R649.75 for following transfers
  • Monthly fee: R35 (without active balance owing) R69 (with active balance owing)

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is available if you don’t have your own.

Documents you need when applying

  • Original identification document (must be 18 years or older). If your name and/or surname differs from your identification document, a marriage certificate, divorce court order or name change letter will be required.
  • Latest salary slip
  • Any original bank statement showing your latest 3 consecutive salary deposits into an account in your name (an over-the-counter bank statement must be stamped)

Download our free Good for Credit booklet for tips on handling credit.

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