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    saving's the name of the game

    With Global One, you earn highly competitive interest rates, pay lower fees and can have up to 4 extra savings plans.

    Transaction/Savings account

    The transaction/savings account is your main account (R25 minimum balance; R5 monthly admin fee) that gives you affordable banking and up to 4 extra flexible or fixed savings plans. Some of the benefits of the transaction/savings account:

    • Earn from 4.4% interest per year on daily balances
    • Easiest transactions at lower, transparent bank costs
    • Easy access to your money using your Global One card and Remote Banking

    Flexible savings

    • Earn from 4.4% interest per year on daily balances
    • Choose your deposit amount and the frequency of your deposits
    • Choose a name for your plan
    • Access your plan any time through Remote Banking or our ATMs
    • No monthly admin fee or minimum balance

    Fixed-term savings

    • Choose your deposit option:
      • Single deposit : 6 – 60 months, R5 million maximum investment with a minimum balance of R10 000
      • Multiple deposits : 6 – 24 months, R1 million maximum investment
    • Reinvest the interest or transfer it to your transaction/savings account
    • Interest rate fixed for the full term
    • Money available on the maturity date
    • After maturity the account will become a flexible savings account, which you can refix
    • No monthly admin fee