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    Switching banks is easier than you think. Deposit your salary and switch to Capitec Bank in 3 easy steps. We’ll even take the hassle out of moving your debit orders!

    3 easy steps

    If you’re already a Capitec Bank client, start at step 2.

    Step 1: Get Global One

    Visit your nearest branch with your identification document and original proof of residential address.

    Step 2: Switch your debit orders

    We’ll take the hassle out of switching and keep you updated on the progress. Just download the Debit Order Switch Authorisation form, complete it and return it with your latest bank statement in any of the following ways:

    ​Debit Order Switch Authorisation form​

    Step 3: Give your new account details to your employer

    Make sure that your employer or HR team has the correct details of your new Capitec Bank account so your salary is paid into the right account.