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    your online shopping made easier

    You no longer need to register your card or use the Mastercard® SecureCode™ for online shopping on sites such as and Computicket, or apps such as Uber and Mr D Food.


    Forget long registrations and waiting periods, getting your card ready for online shopping is now quick and easy. 

    Your card will automatically be activated for online shopping, but your default limit is set at R0. You won’t be able to do online shopping with a R0 limit, so you have to increase your limit before you get started. 

    Note that your online shopping limit is not the same as your card purchase or ATM limits and must be set separately. 

    Once set up, you’ll approve your online purchases on our banking app or through USSD notification.

    Note: We are currently running a promotion in partnership with Mr D Food, offering Capitec client R75, on a minimum spend of R150, off their first purchase on the Mr D Food app when using your debit or credit card.

    For more information read the terms and conditions

    Update limits on our app

    1. Choose Cards 
    2. Sign in with your Remote PIN
    3. If you have more than one card, choose the card you want to use
    4. Tap Update Limits
    5. Tap Update
    6. Enter your daily limit for Online / Telephone / Mail Purchases 
    7. Accept the agreement

    WatchHow to set your limits for online shopping

    Update limits on Internet banking

    1. Sign in with your password/Remote PIN
    2. Click View my list of cards 
    3. Select the relevant card 
    4. Click Update daily card limits 
    5. Enter your permanent/temporary daily limit for Online / Telephone / Mail Purchases
    6. Accept the agreement by clicking Update daily card limits

    Update limits at a branch

    A service consultant will help you to increase your card limits.


    • If you have already registered and set your limits for online shopping, you won't be affected
    • All cards that haven't been registered will automatically be enabled and the limit set to zero
    • Clients will be notified by SMS when their cards have been enabled 
    • Limit updates apply immediately 
    • Temporary cash withdrawal limits over R10 000 are only valid until midnight on the same day
    • All other temporary limits are valid for 3 days, including the current day 
    • When the temporary limits expire, the permanent limits will apply again 
    • Online shopping is disabled when the limit is set to zero  

    Authentication process

    On our app

    1. After checkout you'll receive an in-app notification 
    2. Choose either Approve, Cancel or Suspect Fraud 
    3. Enter your Remote PIN to authorise the transaction  

    If you don't have our app installed or if you don't have a data connection, the authentication message will be sent by USSD.


    1. You'll receive a USSD push notification verifying your transaction
    2. Reply 1. Approve, 2. Cancel or 99. Suspect Fraud