Ways to Transact

transaction notifications on the go

Keep an eye on your transactions, savings account and savings plans with in-app Money In and Money Out messages or SMSs sent to your cellphone

transaction notifications on the go

Money In and Money Out messages

Get your transaction notifications and your monthly fee summaries on our app for free, or by SMS at a standard cost.

  • In-app messages: no cost, but requires an active internet connection
  • SMS messages: costs 25c per SMS


  • In-app messages require an active internet connection
  • If you choose in-app messages, you will still receive notifications for card limit changes by SMS (at the standard cost of 25c per SMS)
  • You pay zero data fees when you use our app

To choose a notification type that works best for you:

  • Sign in on our app
  • Tap Messages
  • Tap Settings in the top-right corner
  • Choose Transaction messages
  • Tap Choose preferred message type
  • Choose In-app Message or SMS Update

 For transaction notifications (in-app or SMS), you can choose:

  • Notifications for Money In, Money Out or both
  • Your notification times (7am – 6pm, 5am – 10pm or anytime)
  • Your notification amount for transactions, starting from R30 (and above)

 For daily card limit changes, you'll get automatic SMS notifications when:

  • Your cash withdrawal limit is changed
  • Your card machine purchases limit is changed
  • Your online/scan to pay/phone limit is changed

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