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    ways to transact

    transaction notifications on the go

    Keep an eye on your transaction/savings account and savings plans with SMSs sent to your cellphone.

    Check your balance

    Need to see how much money is in your account?

    Use our ​cellphone app anywhere, anytime. You can also ​dial *120*3279# if you've already been registered.

    SMS Update

    Get transaction notifications, including account info and card limit change notifications, by SMS for your transaction/savings account and savings plans.

    Money in and money out – you can choose:

    • notifications for money in, money out or both
    • notification times (7am – 6pm, 5am – 10pm or anytime)
    • notification limits for transactions from R30 and above.

    Daily card limit changes – get notifications when:

    • your cash withdrawal limit is changed
    • your card purchase limit is changed
    • your card-not-present limit is changed (debit MasterCard® only)