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    ways to transact

    bank on your cellphone

    Use your cellphone to access your transaction/savings account, savings plans or credit facility. There’s no monthly subscription and your Mobile Banking PIN keeps all your transactions secure.


    Want Mobile Banking (*120*3279#)?

    Visit your nearest branch to register.

    We take security seriously and have a range of measures to ensure the security of this service.

    What can I do?

    • Buy airtime
    • Buy electricity
    • View account balances
    • View last electricity token purchased
    • Do credit facility transfers
    • Pay Capitec Bank clients (with a verified cellphone number)
    • Transfer money between your accounts
    • Register for SMS Update for added security
    • Send cash to friends and family 

    Already registered?

    Dial *120*3279# to access this service. If you're out of airtime, simply dial *130*3279# free of charge to top up your cellphone!

    Got any Mobile Banking questions?

    What is Mobile Banking?

    Mobile Banking offers simple, easy-to-use banking on your cellphone. Your preferences and cellphone determine the type of mobile banking services that you'll be able to access. Mobile Banking using unstructured supplementary services data (USSD) allows you to use any cellphone to access the service by dialling *120*3279# to perform banking on the go. If you don't have airtime, dial *130*3279# first to top up your airtime – your service provider allows this transaction free of charge.

    Must I wait before I can use it?

    There is no wait at all. Once you have successfully registered at one of ​our branches you can start using Mobile Banking immediately.

    What is USSD?

    USSD (unstructured supplementary services data) is a technology similar to SMS. USSD is present on all South African GSM (global system for mobile communications) networks. It's more secure than SMS as it doesn't store any typed information on the cellphone. The service is session-based, which means that in each session you will be validated and transaction information can be saved.

    How long does a session last after I access the service?

    The session duration is determined by the service providers and typically allows you to transact within 2 – 3 minutes (ask your service provider how long their USSD sessions last). If you've lost connection or the session times out and you've already typed information in or made a menu selection, you can continue your transaction at the point where you left off by redialling the service within 5 minutes of the disconnection or timeout.

    My phone suddenly stopped responding. What happened?

    This means that you've reached the time limit for a session set by your service provider – this is referred to as having "timed out". If this happens and you confirmed your transaction by entering your Mobile Banking PIN, the transaction will still be processed and a SMS confirmation will be sent to you. If you've not confirmed by entering your Mobile Banking PIN yet, you can resume the transaction by dialling the service within 5 minutes.

    What kind of phone do I need? 

    Almost any cellphone that can receive and send SMSs can be used to access Mobile Banking.

    What will it cost me in airtime?

    Service providers usually charge 20c for 20 seconds. You can confirm the exact cost with your service provider. If you run out of airtime, dial *130*3279# to top up your own cellphone. This transaction is free of charge.

    Is it secure?

    Mobile Banking requires you to register a Mobile Banking PIN at the branch when you register for the service. This PIN is used whenever you do a financial transaction and must NEVER be shared with anybody. If your cellphone is lost or stolen, you can suspend access to the service at your nearest branch or by calling Client Care on 0860 10 20 43. You can also change your Mobile Banking PIN at any time using Mobile Banking should it have been compromised.

    Can I bank on someone else's phone? 

    Your Mobile Banking service is linked to a specific cellphone number. This means that once you've registered, you can only use a cellphone containing your SIM card with your verified cellphone number. If your cellphone is damaged or you replace it, you'll need to insert your SIM card with your verified cellphone number in the new cellphone.

    What if someone knows my PIN?

    Access Mobile Banking immediately and change your PIN. If you can't change your Mobile Banking PIN, suspend your Mobile Banking service immediately by visiting your nearest branch or by calling our 24hr Client Care Centre on 0860 10 20 43. Remember to keep your PIN secret and never write it down or share it with anyone, even if they claim to be Capitec Bank staff. Read these Mobile Banking security tips.

    I've lost my phone, what do I do?

    You must cancel your Mobile Banking service to ensure that no one else can access your account. Please visit any of our branches or call our 24hr Client Care Centre on 0860 10 20 43.

    I've forgotten my Mobile Banking PIN, what now?

    To reset your Mobile Banking PIN, visit your nearest branch with an identification document or Global One card.

    I bought airtime/electricity, but didn't receive it. Why?

    We have no control over the service providers' systems or the municipalities' and electricity issuers' and, as a result of technical issues on their systems, we may not be informed or aware of problems. 

    Airtime – There could be delays in your airtime being topped up. We'll try process the transaction or reverse it the next business day after a reconciliation has been done.

    Electricity – We'll either deliver the electricity token by SMS if we receive it or reverse your money immediately if it failed. It'll be displayed on your cellphone screen and will also be sent to you by SMS.

    I used the wrong number on a prepaid purchase. Help. 

    Any Capitec Bank client with a verified cellphone number (i.e. they have registered for SMS Update, Mobile Banking or Internet banking) can be paid using only their cellphone number. Before making a payment, ask your beneficiary to confirm that they have verified their cellphone number with us.

    How do I know that the Capitec Bank clients I can pay are valid?

    Any Capitec Bank client with a verified cellphone number (i.e. they have registered for SMS Update, Mobile Banking or Internet banking) can be paid using only their cellphone number. Before making a payment, ask your beneficiary to confirm that they have verified their cellphone number with us.

    What if I made a payment to the wrong Capitec Bank client?

    We can't be held liable for incorrect payments, nor can we reverse payments after they have been processed. You need to ensure that the cellphone number is correct before making a payment. A confirmation screen will be presented to you during the transaction to confirm that the details are correct before entering your Mobile Banking PIN.

    What are the fees? 

    There is no monthly subscription fee for Mobile Banking. Balance enquiries, transfers to your own linked accounts, airtime purchases, electricity purchases and viewing your last electricity token purchased are FREE. Payments to other Capitec Bank clients, and money in or money out SMSs, after registering for SMS Update on Mobile Banking, will be charged for. View our rates and fees.

    What are the daily transaction limit? 

    The following daily transaction limits apply:

    • Prepaid airtime up to R300
    • Prepaid electricity up to R10 000 (depending on your vendor)
    • Capitec Bank client payments up to R3 000

    Why was my PIN blocked after I entered it incorrectly a few times?

    This is a safety mechanism to protect your account from unauthorised access. You have a maximum of 5 attempts before your Mobile Banking PIN is blocked. If your Mobile Banking PIN is blocked by accident, visit your nearest branch to reset your Mobile Banking PIN.

    I lost/deleted the SMS with my electricity token. Can I view it again?

    You can only view the last electricity token that you bought.

    Why can't I use SMS multi loan anymore?

    The multi loan will be discontinued on 27 February 2016 and has been replaced by the credit facility. Visit ​your nearest branch to see if you qualify for up to R5 000.

    For airtime, which service providers are supported?

    We currently support 8ta, Cell C, MTN and Vodacom for direct airtime top-up.

    Why are airtime amounts the same for all service providers?

    We use direct airtime top-up, which means that voucher-based amounts don't apply. The airtime amounts have been carefully chosen for the convenience of all our clients.

    I haven't received my free basic electricity token. How do I get this?

    Ask your local electricity provider to find out whether you qualify and, if so, how you go about receiving it.

    ​I can't use my phone even though I have airtime. What now?​

    Call Client Care and suspend access to the service. Then contact your service provider to confirm what the issue is and restore your cellular service. You will then need to visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch to reactivate Mobile Banking. Click here for Mobile Banking safety tips and information.

    Can I use Mobile Banking outside of South Africa?

    For technical reasons beyond our control, Mobile Banking can only be used within the borders of South Africa.