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    Have a question? Here is a list of frequently asked questions about our app. For more info, watch the ​how-to videos or give us a call on 0860 10 20 43.

    Is it secure?

    Our app was designed with security top of mind. Once you've installed and activated the app, your money is safe. Treat your Remote PIN like you do your bank card PIN – never share it with anyone. Remember that no one will be able to access your accounts using the app if they do an unauthorised SIM swap on your cellphone number because the app is linked to your cellphone.

    I've lost my cellphone. Now what?

    Firstly, your money is safe as we asked you to choose a Remote PIN that wasn't easy to guess. As long as you've kept your PIN a secret, your money will be secure, but please do contact us immediately so we can suspend your Remote Banking access until you get your new cellphone.

    What does it cost?

    Access is free! There's no subscription fee. Cell C, Vodacom and MTN subscribers with Android, Blackberry 10 and iOS devices pay zero data fees when using our app. This means you don’t need airtime or data to use the app, and you don’t pay for any airtime or data you do use on these networks and devices.

    For these transactions, you'll pay R1.50 to:

    • Pay people and accounts
    • Update your daily card limits
    • Add recurring and future-dated payments
    • Add recurring and future-dated transfers to your own accounts 

    For this transaction, you'll pay 40c to:

    Send your account details to someone by email or SMS 

    And this is what you get for free:

    • Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles
    • Buy electricityView transaction/savings account, savings and credit plans
    • View or email your transaction history
    • Transfer money between your accounts (including recurring/future-dated transfers)
    • Stop lost or stolen cards immediately
    • Change your Remote PIN
    • Do multi loan withdrawals
    • Plan and manage your budget
    • View or email tax interest certificates

    Can I use it overseas?

    Yes, as long as you've already activated the app and the country you’re visiting supports roaming and you’ve activated international data roaming. Note the international roaming costs charged by your service provider. You can also use the app without roaming by accessing a secure WiFi network.

    Can I use it offline for banking?

    No, but you can use it to access your accounts on the Internet.

    What if I forgot to sign out?

    Your money is safe. You will be automatically signed out 5 minutes after last using the app.

    Can I use it on more than one cellphone or tablet device?

    No. For security reasons, you cannot.

    Is my cellphone supported?

    The app is compatible with most cellphones that can access the Internet – if you can google on your cellphone, you can use our app. The following cellphones and cellphone operating systems are supported: 

    • Apple iOS 7 and higher 
    • Android 2.3 and higher 
    • Windows Mobile 8
    • BlackBerry 10

    Tablet devices are not supported at this stage.

    Can I use Remote Banking if my cellphone's not supported?

    Yes. You can use Remote Banking (Internet) through your computer with a token on keyring.

    What must I do to access my accounts through Remote Banking?

    Visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch and register for Remote Banking.

    What's the difference between the token on cellphone and the app?

    The app replaces the token on cellphone. In addition to allowing you to sign in and authenticate Internet transactions on your computer, the app now allows to bank on your cellphone.

    Can I upgrade if I use a token on cellphone?

    Sign in to Internet Banking and follow the prompts or visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch and upgrade to Remote Banking.If your phone doesn't support the app, you will continue using your token on keyring when signing in to Remote Banking (Internet).

    Can the app be copied to another phone once I've installed it?

    No. Only one activated version of the app can exist at a time. Only you can access your accounts on the cellphone on which you activated the app. This helps keep your money safe.

    How much data will I need to download the app?

    The app varies in size depending on your cellphone’s operating system. The exact app file size is available in your cellphone’s app store. Our app is called “Capitec Remote Banking”.

    Must I access Remote Banking on the Internet to activate the app?

    No. The app must be activated on your supported cellphone and verified cellphone number, even if you intend accessing your accounts on the Internet.

    What is the Remote PIN?

    Your Remote PIN is a secret number that you choose when you activate Remote Banking for the first time. The Remote PIN must be used on the app and Internet when you sign in to Remote Banking or approve transactions. Remember to keep your Remote PIN secret and never share it with anybody.

    What is my username?

    When you register for Remote Banking, your account number, which is printed on your Global One card, is your username. If you were already registered for Internet Banking when Remote Banking was launched, you can continue using your existing username.

    Tell me about the app and airtime or data

    Cell C, Vodacom and MTN subscribers with Android, Blackberry 10 and iOS devices pay zero data fees when using our app. This means you don’t need airtime or data to use the app, and you don’t pay for any airtime or data you do use on these networks and devices.

    We're still negotiating with Telkom, and phones with Windows Mobile, Blackberry 6 and 7 will soon be supported too.

    If your network or device doesn’t qualify for zero data fees, our app was designed to be secure and use small amounts of data when doing transactions.

    You can also use the app on a secure WiFi network.

    Can I connect to WiFi to use the app?

    Yes, the app can be used when you are connected to a WiFi network. We encourage you to only use secure WiFi networks.

    Why does the cellphone app indicate that it is unable to connect?

    The app will let you know if it cannot connect to the Internet and it will keep trying. Remember to check that you have enough airtime, that your cellphone is not in flight mode or, if using WiFi, that your WiFi network is working.

    I can't download the cellphone app. What must I do?

    Have you checked that you have: 

    • a supported cellphone? 
    • enough airtime or data if you are on prepaid? 
    • connectivity (either cellular or WiFi)? 

    If you continue having trouble, please call our Client Care Centre on 0860 10 20 43.

    I can't activate the app. What must I do?

    After registering in a branch and checking that you have enough airtime or data and that you have cellular connectivity, make sure that you are entering the right username and PIN when prompted.

    I used the wrong Remote PIN. What now?

    Suspending your access after entering the incorrect PIN is a security measure to protect your money. You need to visit your nearest branch if your access has been suspended.

    I have a new cellphone. What must I do?

    You must visit your nearest branch to have the app activated on your new cellphone. The app on your old cellphone will be deactivated as a security measure to protect your money. Remember that the app may look slightly different across the different cellphone makes, but the functionality and high levels of security are the same.

    Must I activate the app using the number I verified in a branch?

    Yes. You have to install and activate the app on your cellphone using the cellphone number verified with us. This is a security measure to protect your money.

    Anything iPhone users should know?

    When activating the app on an iPhone, the cellphone’s SMS messenger will open during the process.

    The app activation process needs an SMS to be sent from your cellphone. This SMS won't cost you anything. iPhone users must send this SMS manually. Once the SMS is sent, your iPhone will return you to the app and you can complete the activation.

    Anything BlackBerry users should know?

    If your correct Remote PIN is not working and your Blackberry has a physical QWERTY keyboard, ensure that your keyboard is set to type numbers and not letters. You can call Client Care (0860 10 20 43) if you accidentally blocked your Remote PIN and your access is suspended.

    BlackBerry 10.2 cellphone users: The BlackBerry 10.2 does not automatically display approval messages when you sign in on the Internet. You must open the app to view and respond to approval messages.

    Please note that as from 1 March 2018, BlackBerry versions 6 and 7 are no longer supported on the app.

    How'll I know the app's been activated?

    A message will be displayed at the end of the activation process confirming that the app has been activated. You can then start using the app.

    I'm unable to activate the app?

    A message will be displayed if there was an issue during activation. It may take a couple of minutes for the activation to be completed, in which case we’ll let you know through a message or you may need to restart the activation.

    Can I sign out of the app after I've finished my banking transactions?


    My Remote PIN is blocked as I entered it incorrectly. What now?

    You will not be able to sign in to Remote Banking (app or Internet) if your Remote PIN is blocked and your access is suspended. This is done as a security measure to protect your money. You will need to call Client Care on 0860 10 20 43 to reset your Remote PIN.

    How do I sign in to Internet banking and approve transactions?

    If you’ve activated the app on your cellphone, a message will be displayed asking you to confirm Remote Banking (Internet) sessions or transactions. If you have an unsupported cellphone and you have a token on keyring, you will need to enter the token passwords generated with the token on keyring to confirm Remote Banking (Internet) sessions or transactions.

    I've forgotten my Remote PIN. What now?

    Visit your nearest branch and choose a Temporary PIN. Then sign in to Remote Banking (app or Internet) and choose a new Remote PIN.

    What must I do if someone knows my Remote PIN?

    Open the app immediately and change your Remote PIN. You can also contact our Client Care Centre to suspend your Remote Banking access. You will need to visit your nearest branch and choose a Temporary PIN. Then sign in to Remote Banking (app or Internet) and choose a new Remote PIN.

    How will I know that I need to install a new version of the app?

    You’ll be notified through your cellphone’s official app store or we’ll notify you if your cellphone is not supported by the app store.

    How will I know if a transaction's been successfully processed?

    Transactions are not processed (or completed) until you see a message confirming that the transaction was successful. You can also check your transaction history to confirm transactions.