Hackathon 2020

capitec’s life 2.0 hackathon: everything you need to know

Do you have the next big idea to help South Africa navigate a post-Covid world? Then we need you at our upcoming hackathon.

capitec’s life 2.0 hackathon: everything you need to know

People participate in hackathons for many reasons. Yes, they’re fun and a great place to learn and meet new people. But hackathons are ultimately about solving real-world problems. This year, we’re looking for innovative solutions for a post- Covid world. It’s about Life 2.0.

Why is Capitec hosting a hackathon?

We’re always on the hunt for big thinkers and big ideas. This year, we’d like to find new tech and new talent to help South Africans live better in a post-Covid world. As an added bonus, the winning team will take home a cash prize of R100 000!

Who can enter?

Anyone who can build a digital solution that they believe will help people live better after COVID-19. Although the sky is the limit and there will be mentors to guide you, you’ll have to take your idea from concept to execution in 3 weeks without any help.

This year’s hackathon is limited to 10 teams of 2 to 5 members each. While you will have to demonstrate a functioning tech solution, it’s not necessary for everyone on your team to be developers. We’re looking for innovators, curious minds and entrepreneurs. The solution can benefit any facet of society and does not need to be limited to the banking industry.

How do you enter?

You need:

    • A team of 2 to 5 members (each team member must be over the age of 18)
    • A computer
    • A webcam and mic
    • A fast and stable internet connection to join video conferences

If you’ve ticked all those boxes, then email us at hackathon@capitecbank.co.za and tell us (in no more than 500 words) about:

  • Your team members: Tell us who you are and what your combined backgrounds and skills are
  • Your motivation: Tell us why you’re entering
  • Your concept: Tell us what problem you’re going to solve and why your solution is unique. Why would you win?

How will the competition work?

The hackathon kicks off on Monday 29 June 2020 with a live stream featuring a keynote address by an industry expert.

You will then have 3 weeks to develop your concept. Although you will be required to manage your own time during the competition, we’ll give you an opportunity to have a daily Q&A session with one of our Hackathon mentors, as well as weekly webinars. There will also a weekly online networking event.

On Friday 17 July 2020, the teams will pitch and demonstrate their solutions to the judging panel. Winners will be announced on Monday 20 July 2020.

Who are the mentors?

Each team will be able to ask the mentors for advice through the Q&A sessions. We’ve rounded up a really exciting group of experts and innovators, including:

  • Baratang Miya (CEO GirlHYPE)
  • Annette Muller (Founder of FlexyForce)
  • Charl Greeff (Head of Engineering of One Day Only)
  • Stuart Ntlathi (Founder of the Stuart Ntlathi Science, Engineering & Technology Institute)
  • Francois Dempers (Capitec Manager: Innovation)
  • Tumi Sineke (Head of OfferZen Foundation)
  • Luvuyo Rani (Founder of Silulo Ulutho Technologies)

Terms & conditions

To view the terms and conditions, click here.


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