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    privacy & security

    cellphones and secure banking

    Mobile Banking's super convenient, but like all banking channels you need to be very careful – especially since cellphones are often left unattended.

    Mobile Banking is a convenient service that allows you to access your transaction/savings account, savings plans or multi loan.

    Your Mobile Banking PIN

    You will need to enter your Mobile Banking PIN when using Mobile Banking to confirm certain transactions and you'll choose your PIN when registering for Mobile Banking in branch. Like all PINs, keep it a secret to make it more difficult for criminals to access your account.

    A few security tips

    • Keep your Mobile Banking PIN secret and never share it with anyone
    • You must only enter your Mobile Banking PIN when using Mobile Banking
    • Not even a Capitec Bank employee will ask you for your Mobile Banking PIN, so if anyone asks, be suspicious
    • Ensure that you don't save your PIN anywhere on your cellphone in case it gets stolen
    • We'll never ask you to switch off your cellphone or make changes to your cellphone or SIM card as part of any upgrade to Mobile Banking
    • We'll never ask you to stop using an ATM or any other service for a period of time as part of any upgrade to Mobile Banking
    • Inform us immediately if your cellphone is lost or stolen on 0860 10 20 43

    Downloading third-party apps

    You must fully understand how third-party applications (not endorsed by Capitec Bank) work before downloading them onto your cellphone. You need to be aware that third-party applications have the potential to access other messages on your phone (such as your account info) with or without your knowledge.