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    privacy & security

    all about the digits

    These days, it feels like you need a PIN for just about everything. It’s tempting to keep them all the same… but that’s a bad idea. 

    You personal identification number (PIN) is your personal key to secure banking, so keep it secret.

    PIN security tips

    • Never share your PIN (for your card, token, Remote Banking etc.) with anyone, including a Capitec Bank employee or the police
    • We will never ask for your PIN or password by email, SMS, phone or face-to-face
    • Memorise your PIN and never write it down
    • Don't use an obvious PIN or one that is easy to guess (like your date of birth)
    • Change your PIN often – this makes it difficult for others to guess your PIN or use it to access your account if they see you entering it
    • Don't use the same PIN for your card, token, Remote Banking, etc.