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Livin' It Up

Livin’ it Up is a fun, strategic game developed by Capitec and available free for less than a 100MB download..

Livin' It Up

16 new mini goals to play

Reaching for your dreams takes time and patience, but you can still have fun along the way.

You can now choose from 16 ‘mini goals’ for your character to save towards, while they work towards their dream. Whether it’s buying new sneakers, going to a concert or getting away for a safari weekend, smaller goals need to be planned and saved for, but when you achieve them, add a big happiness injection into life. Test your skills and see what it does for your character’s happiness when you complete their mini goals.

Mini goals are now available on Android and will be on iOS in early March.

Reaching your dreams

We all have dreams. Big ones, small ones. Ordinary ones, crazy ones. We all want to know how to make them reality.

Turning your dreams into reality requires balancing short-term needs and wants with long-term priorities. Just as Lerato, Zane and Nandi do, we all have to make the most of limited resources.

Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, money is an essential resource in reaching your dreams, and we all have to make financial decisions every day.

Understanding your money - how to manage it, protect it and grow it – is crucial for building the life you want.

Taking control of your money allows you to take control of your dreams.

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