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    how to update your online shopping limits

    Before you shop online, use our app or visit a branch to update your online purchase limits.

    On our app

    1. Choose cards 
    2. Sign in with your Remote PIN
    3. If you have more than one card, select the card you want to use
    4. Tap the Update Limits button
    5. Tap the Update button
    6. Enter your daily limit for online shopping 
    7. Accept the agreement                   

    At a branch

    A consultant will assist you in registering your card for online shopping, increasing your limits as well as any other requests you might have.

    Payment authentication

    To make sure that your online shopping experience is always safe and secure, before checking out you will always be required to go through the following process:

    1. Check your cellphone with the verified number 
    2. You will receive a push notification verifying your transaction
    3. Choose to either approve or cancel your transaction
    4. If you have the app, enter your Remote PIN to confirm your purchase