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    documents library

    You don't have to go to a branch for Capitec flyers or forms. Simply download them here. 

    Product flyers

    Below you’ll find our main product flyers. They’re the same as the flyers in our branches, but you can download them here for free to reference when you're offline. You can either print them out or save them as a PDF.

    Global One

    Global One is one your solution for transacting, saving and personalised credit. Simplicity and transparency means that you have control of your money. Get helpful  information on our banking products in the flyers below.


    Our Credit flyer gives you more info on long-term personalised credit, our credit card, credit facility, home loans by SA Home Loans, and credit insurance.


    Open up to 4 free savings plans and you can earn from 5.10% interest per year. We offer you flexible, fixed and tax-free savings plans.


    When you transact with Global One, you know what you get and you know what you pay. Save time and money by banking on your phone.The full details are in the flyers below. 


    Forms and documents 

    You don't have to go to a branch to get forms. Simply download them here and save time.

    Debit orders

    In order for us to switch your debit orders, you need to to complete the authorisation form below. You can also read more about DebiCheck, a new and even safer way to make recurring monthly payments. 

    Foreign exchange

    While Capitec does not pay money abroad (outward payments), we can accommodate certain inward payments. The forms you will need are below. 

    CSI documents 

    Capitec Foundation, our corporate social investment initiative, aims to improve the performance and numeracy skills of learners in maths or maths-related subjects as well as the financial literacy of consumers through financial life skills programmes. If you're interested in more info on how to work with us you can visit our Capitec foundation page and download the documents below.

    Funeral plan documents

    Here you will find support documents for all your claims needs


    Here you will find general documents regarding Capitec Bank

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