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    all about the digits

    These days, it feels like you need a PIN for just about everything. It’s pretty tempting to keep them all the same… but that’s a very bad idea.

    how to do credit facilit...

    Find out how to do credit facility withdrawals using our cellphone banking app.

    how to bank safely

    Make the most of your cellphone banking app by learning about the security features we've added.

    how to update your onlin...

    Before you shop online, use our app or visit a branch to update your online purchase limits.

    how to pay your accounts

    Carrying cash can be risky, and drawing it costs you time and money. Skip the ATM queues and keep your money safe by paying on our cellphone banking app.

    how to pay people

    Here's how you can add recurring and future-dated transfers or payments anywhere, anytime using our cellphone banking app.

    how to update your daily...

    Want to update your daily card limits without visiting a branch? Do it the easy way with cellphone banking, and be in control of your money.

    pay your dstv anywhere 24/7

    Follow these steps to make instant payments to your DStv account

    how to avoid sim swap fraud

    Never share your cellphone banking PIN with anyone, ever. If your phone is lost, your SIM card stops working or you suspect fraud, report it to us immed...

    bank on your cellphone

    Use your cellphone to access your transaction/savings account, savings plans or credit facility. *120*3279#