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    articles | bank better,...

    Explore tips, tools and stories from Capitec Bank that will help you bank better and live better.


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    live better benefits |...

    Find out more about the Capitec Bank Better Live Better benefits.

    insurance | bank better,...

    Get peace of mind when you take out credit. Be prepared for unexpected life events that could affect your ability to pay your debt.

    protect your money |...

    You work hard for your money. See how you can keep you money safe, online and offline.

    saving | bank better,...

    If you think you don't have enough money to save every month, think again. Saving as little as R100 a month can go a long way.

    buying a car | bank bett...

    Nothing says independence like your own car! But before you rush off to the car dealer, read these guidelines first.

    travel | bank better,...

    Save time and money on your planned holiday by trying out a few of these tips.

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