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    protect your computer...

    A new ransomware attack called WannaCry locks your computer until you pay an amount of money to unlock it. Learn how to avoid it.


    Looking for something specific on the Capitec Bank website? Check out the sitemap to find it fast

    business owners can now...

    As an extension of Global One, we now offer loans to self-employed clients who earn a monthly salary from their business.

    black friday myths vs...

    Rethink Black Friday and don't let the hype mislead you.

    how to avoid tax scams

    The start of the tax season also brings an increase in tax scams. Protect your money with these tips.

    get in touch

    Contact us today using any of the channels featured on their website. View contact details now.

    live better benefits |...

    Find out more about the Capitec Bank Better Live Better benefits.

    startups: the best advic...

    We asked Vusi Thembekwayo which basics all entrepreneurs have to get right.

    foreign exchange services

    Find out what you need to know about using your Global One card abroad and receiving foreign payments into your account.

    trust your sender

    Know and trust your sender. Here's how to tell whether SMS messages or emails are really from us.