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    business owners can now...

    As an extension of Global One, we now offer loans to self-employed clients who earn a monthly salary from their business.

    get credit with global...

    Get Credit with Global One – your one solution for transacting, saving and personalised credit.

    increase chances of cred...

    Credit providers look at your credit score and affordability. If you can improve both of these, you’ll be good for credit.

    your budget guide

    We show you how to build a budget around your own financial priorities, based on your needs and wants.

    understanding interest

    You know you pay interest on what you borrow, but do you understand it? We explain what is it is and how it works.

    the benefits of consolid...

    Consolidate debt to make debt repayment easier, reduce your total monthly repayment, and maintain and protect your good credit profile.

    #livebetter talks: perso...

    Personal branding expert Timothy Maurice talks about how to take your story and elevate it to a position of influence.

    foreign exchange services

    Find out what you need to know about using your Global One card abroad and receiving foreign payments into your account.

    personalised credit

    Apply for a loan with Capitec Bank and get up to R250 000 in cash over 1 - 84 months.

    trust your sender

    Know and trust your sender. Here's how to tell whether SMS messages or emails are really from us.