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3 good reasons to upskill yourself today

There’s really no time like the present to upskill yourself. Here are 3 reasons why adding a new skill set will pay off.

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Upskilling might seem like yet another buzzword but it’s an important one. The way we work is constantly changing through new and often automated technology. Think cars that drive themselves. Machines that read X-rays. Algorithms that respond to customer-service enquiries.

A McKinsey Global Institute report estimates that at least one third of the tasks associated with 60% of existing jobs could become automated. It also predicts that more than 375 million workers may need to learn entirely new skill sets by 2030.

Being adaptable is crucial. Here are 3 great reasons you should consider learning new work skills.

It makes you future-proof

Change is inevitable, no matter what work you do. No position, company or industry can ever be 100% predictable. By future-proofing your career through upskilling or even reskilling, you’ll be able to transition to a new role or career more easily.

Plus, when an opportunity for a promotion arises, your willingness to learn and take on new tasks could very well count in your favour. “The number one characteristic I see in the people who progress from entry-level jobs to top senior positions at Capitec, is a commitment to never stop learning,” says Capitec’s Executive of Human Resources, Nathan Motjuwadi.

It brings a new perspective to your career

Learning something new means you might stumble across new interests that excite you. If you work in a non-programming field, for example, taking an analytics course might get you interested in data. For someone who works in a technical field, learning about marketing might open new doors and opportunities.

“To define your dream career, you need to know what you enjoy doing and what you’re passionate about. If your career incorporates that, it will keep you energised and motivated,” says Motjuwadi.

It helps you to discover new talents

It’s nearly impossible to predict your entire career path or envision where you might be in 10 years’ time. Learning something new might uncover a hidden talent or introduce you to a new area that you excel at. The result? New opportunities in your career.

“An online course can be a useful tool to advance your career,” suggests Motjuwadi, “that way, you can explore your interests without committing to a career change. That’s the difference between taking a leap of faith and jumping off a cliff.”

How to upskill today

Often, one of the biggest obstacles to upskilling is time. Fortunately, there is an abundance of online courses available, which makes upskilling and reskilling more affordable and achievable.

One of the employee benefits offered by Capitec is a saving of R4 000 on all GetSmarter courses. GetSmarter partners with leading universities to create online short courses with a data-driven focus on learning. Courses are reviewed annually to ensure that the content remains current and industry-relevant.

If you’re seriously thinking about upskilling, here are a few areas to consider:

  • Soft skills, such as communication, flexibility and teamwork
  • Digital tools and technology
  • Data analysis
  • The fundamentals of business and management

Whether you’re looking to learn more about data, marketing, management or leadership, you’ll find a wide range of courses at GetSmarter that will help to future-proof your career.

Also chat to you to your HR department or line manager, who would be able to advise you on the skills that would be relevant to your career journey.


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