Death and other unexpected life events could affect you or your family. Get more cover for less with our funeral plan and credit insurance.

Capitec Bank Funeral Plan
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Get a funeral plan

Get a funeral plan on our app

No need to visit a branch. Use our app to get a funeral plan from just R25 per month.

What makes our funeral plan unique?

You decide how much cover you need and we calculate your premiums. You can also choose a premium that fits your budget, and we will calculate the cover.

A combination of high cover amounts and number of lives assured has made us the fastest-growing funeral plan in South Africa.

Get cover for one spouse and up to 4 parents, 8 children and 8 extended family members – all on one plan.

We’ll waive the waiting period when you switch from another insurer.

Only pay what you can afford. You tell us how many people you want to cover, and we calculate the premium. Alternatively, tell us what you can afford, and we calculate the cover. 

We want you to be in control, with no surprises or decisions made without your knowledge. That’s why your premiums will never increase automatically – unless we provide you with at least 31 days' written notice of our decision to increase your premium, or if you decide to make changes to your plan such as increasing your cover amounts or adding life assureds (subject to terms and conditions).

Visit a branch or simply claim, via WhatsApp or through our 24hr Client Care Centre by emailing the relevant documentation. More about our funeral claims process.

Our clients pay up to 30% less per month. 


Cover for the whole family

Cover yourself, 1 spouse, up to 4 parents, 8 children and 8 extended family members

Life Assured CategoriesMaximum Cover
PolicyholderR100 000
Spouse (18 - 64 years)R100 000
Children (14 years and older)R60 000 each*
Children (6 - 13 years)R50 000 each*
Children (newborn - 5 years)R20 000 each*
Parents (26 - 85 years)R50 000 each*
Extended family (0 - 85 years)R50 000 each*
Maximum Cover
R100 000
Spouse (18 - 64 years)
Maximum Cover
R100 000
Children (14 years and older)
Maximum Cover
R60 000 each*
Children (6 - 13 years)
Maximum Cover
R50 000 each*
Children (newborn - 5 years)
Maximum Cover
R20 000 each*
Parents (26 - 85 years)
Maximum Cover
R50 000 each*
Extended family (0 - 85 years)
Maximum Cover
R50 000 each*

*Legal maximum child cover: The total amount that can be paid out for a child’s death is restricted by legislation. We must apply those limits across all our policies, those of other insurers that we become aware of and across all benefit types. For example, if the child cover on the policy reaches the maximum amounts above, we will restrict the amount that we pay out to the maximum allowable amount as shown in the table.

Family funeral plan

Talk to your family about funeral cover

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