Updated fees with you in mind

Our fees will change from 1 March, but we’ve kept them simple to give you better value.

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When it comes to fees, we keep it simple and transparent – so you always know what you get and know what you pay.

Key fee updates

  • Monthly fee up 50c: R7.50
  • Immediate payments down R1: R6.50
  • Only R10 per R1 000 to draw cash at any bank’s ATM in Mzansi
  • Check out online with Capitec Pay is still R1
  • Self service at a branch cuts fees in half
  • Most digital payment fees stay the same

All fees correct as at 16 February 2024, see our full list of fees below.

Global One agreement updates

Data protection clauses were updated & features improved to give you a better experience.

Read more about this here.

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Global One

Monthly administration fee

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Credit card

Monthly administration fee


Any South African card machineFREE
Online/scan to pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Pay/Garmin Pay3,6,7,8,12FREE
Airtime/data/SMS bundles (digital)0.50
Airtime/data/SMS bundles (card)FREE
Electricity (App/Online/USSD)1.00
Airtime (other bank ATM)9.00
Pay bills/vouchers/LOTTO (digital)1.50
Capitec Pay (digital)1.00
International processing fee
R0 - R100122.00
R101 - R200123.00
R201 - R500125.00
R501 or more1210.00

Transfer between own accounts (digital/ card/ consultant)FREE
To Capitec client (it’s immediate)
Self service5.50
To other South African bank
Self service5.50
Immediate payment to other South African bank (digital/self service)6.50
To overseas bank (Currency: USD, GBP, Euro)
Digital (app only)175
Send Cash
R40 - R1 00010,11 (digital)10.00
R1 010 - R3 00010,11 (app only)16.00
Payment received from Mastercard® MoneySend (card)1.00

To own account (digital/ consultant)FREE
To other Capitec account (digital/ consultant)1.00
To other South African bank (digital/ consultant)2.00
Add, amend or cancel

PnP/Shoprite/ Checkers/Boxer tillpoint42.00
All ATMs (any South African bank)10.00 per 1 000.00
International Mastercard® ATM3,4,6,8,980.00
International Mastercard®card machine3,4,6,8,910.00

Capitec to Capitec
R0 - R100 (digital/self service)FREE
R101 - R1 000 (digital/self service)1.00
R1 001 - R3 000 (digital/self service)1.00
Capitec to other South African bank
R0 - R100 (digital/self service)FREE
R101 - R1 000 (digital/self service)2.00
R1 001 - R3 000 (digital/self service)3.00

Capitec (digital/card/self service/consultant)FREE
Other South African bank card machine6,91.00
International Mastercard® card machine6,93.00
Other South African bank ATM9.00
International Mastercard ATM6,910.00

Capitec card machine/Capitec ATMFREE
Other South African bank card machine/online/scan to pay/telephone1.00
International Mastercard® card machine/online /scan to pay/telephone6,93.00
Other South African bank ATM9.00
International Mastercard® ATM6,910.00

Stop lost/stolen card (App/Online/ USSD/ Self service/Consultant)FREE
Replacement/ supplementary card (Consultant)70.00
PIN change (App/Online/ USSD/ Consultant)FREE
PIN reset (Consultant)11.00

In-app and EmailFREE


Cash for loan repaymentFREE
Notes (cash-accepting ATM)1.40 per 100.00
Notes (consultant)4.00 per 100.00
Coins (consultant/coin deposit machine)15.00 per 100.00
Incoming international payment in rand or foreign currency 4,550.00
Exchange Control Application Fee 4,51 000.00

New credit card deliveryFREE
New debit card delivery100.00
Second delivery attempt150.00
Cancellation of card delivery150.00

Debit order (consultant)3.50
Printed DebiCheck list (consultant)11.00
Stop debit order (digital/self service/consultant)11.00
DebiCheck authentication
Sef service5.50
Returned (insufficient funds)
Disputed (Last 40 days)
Self service25.00
Disputed (After 40 days)
Self service50.00
DebiCheck last 12 months
Self service25.00

Main savings account
Self service6.00
Flexible savings/tax-free savings
Self service6.00
Fixed-term savings/tax-free savings
Self serviceFREE
Credit card statement (first statement free)
Credit card transaction history
Self service6.00

Fix savings account (digital/consultant)FREE
Early release: tax-free savings (consultant)300.00
Card limit update (digital)FREE
Card limit update (Self service)5.50
Card limit update (consultant2)11.00
Close account (consultant)11.00
Vehicle licence Renewal and delivery fee per transactionR149.00
A legislated transaction fee per vehicle to be chargedR72.00


  1. Your service provider will charge a fee for network access
  2. Includes Client Care Centre transactions
  3. Limited to travel-related transactions in terms of Section B16 of the Exchange
    Control Rulings of the South African Reserve Bank
  4. Fixed fee means it does not increase as the value of the transaction increases
  5. See our website for more info on foreign exchange services
  6. Supplementary cards cannot be used internationally
  7. Card-not-present transactions limited to R50 000 per international transaction,
    up to your daily limit, in terms of Section B16 of the Exchange Control Rulings of
    the South African Reserve Bank
  8. See our website for more info on direct currency conversion
  9. Get cash from any international ATM and purchase at any international card
    machine with the Mastercard® logo
  10. Remote banking app limits for sending cash: R3 000 per transaction,
    R5 000 per day, R24 990 per month
  11. Mobile banking (*120*3279#) limits for sending cash: R1 000 per transaction,
    R1 000 per day, R24 990 per month
  12. A processing (authorisation/clearing) fee will be charged for successful
    international transactions, whether the transaction was initiated cross-border
    from outside South Africa or locally from within South Africa