Live Better

Live Better

We have revolutionised rewards with unlimited cash back! 

Live Better

We're doing rewards differently. No complicated tiers, pointless points or extra fees. Everyone can get 1.5% cash back just for spending and reaching banking goals. Get 0.5% cash back for banking and 1% for spending on your credit card.  

We’ll pay your cash back on the 10th of every month into your Live Better savings account. So simply Bank, Save and Spend Better to have more Live Better moments. 

It’s easy, start with activating Live Better for free, on our app.  

How to get maximum rewards: 

Bank Better 

Get up to 1.5% cash back on your monthly spend for reaching banking goals. Here’s how 

Save Better 

Switch on your automatic savings tools and see your Live Better savings grow every time you spend with Round-up, and with supercharged interest from Interest Sweep 

Spend Better 

Get cash back and discounts every time you spend at our rewards partners: Bolt, Dis-Chem, Baby City, Shell, Educate24, GetSmarter, Hello Doctor, and Travelstart. Read more  

Plus, fill up at Shell and get DOUBLE CASH BACK at 40c per litre on Live Better day, the 10th of every month.

Use our app to manage Live Better as follows:

  • Check your monthly banking goal progress 
  • Switch your automatic savings tools on or off 
  • See our latest rewards partners 
  • Watch your money grow with higher interest
  • Transfer your Live Better savings into your main savings account when you need it   

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Read the full Live Better rules or Live Better FAQs.