Fraud centre

Use our fraud centre to find out how to report fraud, and learn more about the latest scams.

How to report fraud:
For personal banking, call 0860 10 20 43, or WhatsApp us on 067 418 9565
For business banking, call 0860 30 92 50
If outside SA, call us on +27 21 941 1377
Bank safety tips Bank safety tips

Watch out for this latest scam

Fraudsters may call you pretending to be from Capitec's Fraud Department and tell you about unauthorised or suspicious debit orders on your account.

How they try to scam you

They'll ask whether you authorised the debit order. If you say no, they may ask you to check an SMS from the bank with a reference number confirming the debit order cancellation and reversal.

To sound trustworthy, they may even tell you to check your bank statements regularly and never to share your confidential banking information. Next, they may also ask you to sign in to our app and follow their instructions to approve the reversal of the debit order.

Remember: We will never ask you to perform a transaction such as send cash from our app to approve the reversal of unauthorised debit orders or fraud.

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Tips to bank safely Tips to bank safely

Bank safety tips

  • We will never ask you to share your passwords or PINs in a call, SMS, email or direct message
  • We will never call and ask you to do the following to stop or reverse fraud, or unauthorised debit orders:
    • Do a send cash transaction, transfer money to a safe account or perform any other transaction in our app
    • Switch on online banking in our app
  • Only call us on our official numbers. Beware of SMSs, emails or direct messages that appear to be from us that contain a different number for you to call
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