ATM Fraud

Fraudsters have different ways to trick you at an ATM. They may shoulder surf, card swap, card skim, and trap cards inside ATMs to get your information, and your card.

ATM safety

Common ATM fraud scams


Card swapping:

Fraudsters may disturb you while you’re busy with a transaction at the ATM. They often work in groups to swap cards. One person may distract you while another does the card swapping. They will also ‘shoulder surf your PIN, which means that they stand close enough behind or around you to see you key in your PIN.

You then leave the ATM with someone else’s card. The fraudster will start to use your card immediately to try and get as much out of your account before you realise what happened.


Card skimming at ATM:

Fraudsters will put in a device that looks exactly like the slot you put your card into, called a skimming device into the ATM. These devices look exactly like the ATM and can be difficult to notice. The fake card reader will take data from the magnetic strip on your card, while your PIN can be seen with a small camera on the skimming device.


Card trapping (Lebanese loop):

Fraudsters use this tactic to trap your bank card inside the ATM by putting a thin layer of plastic into the card slot of the ATM. This layer of plastic keeps your card trapped inside for scammers to remove later. This means that you could use the ATM and receive your cash without any issues, but your card remains trapped. The fraudster is usually nearby and would’ve ‘shoulder surfed’ the PIN, to withdraw cash immediately using your once you leave.


Suspecting fraud at the ATM?

If you think that someone may have interfered while you were transacting at the ATM and that your card and PIN may have been compromised, stop your card immediately using any of the following channels:

  • Our banking app:
    • Sign in to our app
    • Tap Cards
    • Tap on the card that you wish to stop
    • Choose Stop Card
    • Choose a reason for the stop
  • WhatsApp:
    • Send “Hello” to our verified WhatsApp number on 067 418 9565
    • Choose Self-Service Options
    • Choose Stop Card
    • Choose the card that you want to stop from the list
  • USSD:
    • Dial *120*3279#
    • Choose option 7 “Manage Cards”
    • Select a card
    • Choose option 1 “Stop card”
    • Choose a reason for stopping the card
    • Enter your mobile banking PIN to confirm
  • Online banking for business bank cards:
    • Sign in to online banking
    • Tap Cards
    • Choose Card
    • Choose a reason for the stop

Tips to be safe:

  • Always cover the keypad when you enter your PIN, even if you’re alone. Fraudsters may use hidden cameras at ATMs.
  • To keep both your card and PIN safe, don't let anyone stand too close to you
  • Set a daily withdrawal limit that suits your needs to protect yourself in the event that your card and PIN are stolen
  • Do not allow anyone to help you at the ATM. Rather go into a branch if you need help
  • Finish your transactions at the ATM patiently. Make sure the card that comes out of the machine is yours and secure it with the cash you receive before leaving the ATM
  • Never allow your children to draw money using your card since they're the most vulnerable to fraudsters
  • If you are disturbed or interfered with while transacting at the ATM, your card may be skimmed without your knowledge. Cancel the transaction immediately and report the incident to the bank
  • Don’t use ATMs where the card slot, keypad or screen has been tampered with. It could be an attempt to get hold of your card. If you think the ATM is faulty, cancel the transaction immediately and report the fault to the bank
  • Do not use ATMs that are in unsafe and dark areas
  • Remember that you can also make cash withdrawals at most large retailers
  • Some fraudsters wait until you’ve drawn your cash to take advantage. Be wary of people loitering around the ATM and ensure that you are not followed
  • If you can, avoid withdrawing cash to pay for goods/services. Use digital banking instead