Be aware of your surroundings when using your phone or smart device. Fraudsters try to snatch phones when they are unlocked to get access to your personal information and apps.

Remember: blocking a lost or stolen device with your mobile network provider won't stop fraudsters from using it. They can still access apps using WiFi.


Tips to stay safe

  • Use strong passwords and PINs for your devices and accounts that no one can guess
  • Never use your date of birth as your PIN
  • Never save your banking passwords and PINs on your phone/device, rather use a password protector
  • If available, rather use biometrics (fingerprint or your face as a password) to access your banking apps
  • Reset/change your passwords and PINs often
  • Activate your phone or device screen lock and use a strong passcode or pattern to unlock it
  • Make sure that the PIN to unlock your phone or device is different to your banking PINs
  • Keep your device’s software updated to benefit from the latest security patches and fixes