Tips to bank safely on your phone or device

Call us immediately if you think that you may have disclosed your confidential banking information.

Tips to bank safely on your phone - Desktop
  • Activate the screen lock of your phone or device and use a strong PIN or pattern to unlock it
  • Make sure that the PIN to unlock your phone or device is different to your banking PINs
  • Never use your birthday or easy patterns like 12345 or 55555 as your PIN 
  • Never save your banking PIN on your phone, device or write them down anywhere
  • Don’t save your passwords for your accounts on your phone or device. Memorise your passwords or use a password protector 
  • If available, use biometrics (fingerprint or face lock) to access our banking app
  • Use different PINs for different bank cards and our app
  • When your phone or device is lost or stolen, call us immediately on 0860 10 20 43 to delink our banking app from your device, and to allow us to take any other actions that may be necessary to protect your money
  • Never sign in to online banking or our banking app on the instruction of a caller who claims that there are:
    • unauthorised debit orders on your account that must be reversed
    • suspicious transactions or fraud on your account that must be stopped or reversed
  • Never click on a link in an SMS or email that asks you to:
    • update or verify your personal information
    • sign in to online banking
  • Never share your banking passwords, PINs or OTPs with anyone, not even family or friends. We will never call, SMS, email, or direct message you and ask you for this information
  • When you receive an SMS for a SIM swap or number port you did not request, call your network service provider immediately on their official number