Funeral costs: why a funeral plan can save the day

When the time comes, we want to provide our relatives with a respectful send-off that honours their culture and religious orientation.

Best funeral plans South Africa

Unfortunately, these costs can quickly add up. It is estimated that the average funeral in South Africa can cost anything between R40 000 and R200 000. The venue, style of memorial service, location and number of people all have a large impact on overall costs.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by grief and have many unexpected arrangements to make, it’s a great comfort to know that you are financially prepared. Taking out a funeral plan can help pay for the burial or full funeral costs

Some of the expenses you might face include:

When all these costs are added up, it starts to make sense why a funeral plan is a sensible option, especially when the cover is accessible and designed to suit your pocket.

Capitec is proud to offer South Africans flexible and affordable funeral cover. The Capitec Funeral Plan, underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited, offers cover for up to 21 dependants, as well as the policyholder. You decide how many dependants you want to cover, as well as the amount of cover for each, so your monthly premium payments are calculated according to your individual needs. And if you use our banking app to register your plan, you also pay lower premiums.

Should you have to claim, the cash will be paid into your Capitec account once all the relevant documents have been submitted. And because we want you to be in control, your monthly premiums will never automatically increase unless you choose to add life insurance or increase your cover.

Read more about the Capitec Funeral Plan here.  

For a free quote or to register a funeral plan, visit a Capitec branch or get it on our app.

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