funeral claims

Having a Capitec Funeral Plan won't make it easier to say goodbye to a loved one, but it may bring you some comfort to know that you don't have to worry about the funeral costs and other expenses.

funeral claims


In the unfortunate event of a death, the claims process shouldn't be complicated – our simple claims process will take care of your policy payout quickly and efficiently.

Ways to claim

Documents needed

Natural death claims

  • Original or certified copy of:
    • The valid identity document of the person logging the claim (the claimant)
    • The valid identity document of the beneficiary, as well as their banking details (e. bank name, bank account number and branch code if the beneficiary is not a Capitec Bank accountholder)
    • The death certificate
    • Either of the following forms, fully completed:
      • BI-1663/DHA – 1663 form: This is a notification of death or stillbirth completed by the Department of Home Affairs
      • BI-1680/DHA - 1680 form: This is a Death Report issued by the police or other parties authorised by the Department of Home Affairs after a death has been registered
  • Any other documents or reports which we need to assess the validity of the claim

In addition to the above documents, for

Accidental Death claims

  • A police report with the details of the cause of death

Newborn Premium Waiver claims

  • An unabridged birth certificate

Voluntary Premium Pause claims

  • A reason as to why you want to activate the benefit, no additional documents required

Waiting Period Waiver

  • Policy schedule of previous policy showing that the cover was active 31 days prior to the Capitec Funeral Cover Plan acceptance date
  • Letter of proof of cancellation or lapse of previous policy at the time of claim

Once all relevant documents are received, your claim will be processed and the money paid into your Capitec account immediately after your claim is approved.

Underwritten by Centriq Life, an authorised financial services provider (FSP 7370) (Reg. no.: 1943/016409/06).

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