Being driven at Capitec

Being data driven at Capitec means that everyday our people use data to explore how we can help improve the financial wellness of our clients.

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With data our teams have the power to make banking simpler and more personalised for our clients. Data is an essential asset to Capitec’s sustainable growth and longevity.

To tap into the value of data, we hire and nurture the best data professionals within South Africa, and we equip them with the tools they require to thrive.

Thrive as a data professional at Capitec Bank

We continue to invest in data upskilling programmes across the Bank, from basic data literacy to advanced Machine Learning capabilities. Data skills are critical to our future, and we have great career growth opportunities for several data professional roles.

  1. Data engineer build systems that collect, manage and convert raw data into useful information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret.
  2. Data Scientist use their analytical, statistical and programming skills to collect, analyse and interpret large data sets for our product teams.
  3. Machine Learning Engineer research, build and design self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems and automate predictive models.
  4. Data Architect ensure that our data is designed and built with business requirements centred on well architected enterprise blueprints.
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst translate business requirements into insights using our data visualisation platforms.

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